Shaw Spotlight Falcon Cam


2019 FalconCam Update

Usually the FalconCam follows the day-to-day lives of the Peregrine Falcons in the nestbox on the roof of the Radisson Hotel in downtown Winnipeg. Unfortunately this year, the new resident female (Fiona) decided that a ledge on the east-side of the Hotel was more appealing. We do have a camera in place but the ledge is very exposed and the wind (any wind) shakes the camera making it difficult to watch. Fortunately, we had installed a new camera at our Logan nestsite (also in Winnipeg) which is in a much more protected location. We can't provide details on the location of the Logan nestbox for the safety and security of the peregrines nesting there but we are sure you will enjoy getting to know Spencer and Hart and their chick this year.

Jun 1 - More sad news today, the second rescued chick died today about noon and the last rescued chick is not responding well at all. If you work with wildlife you can't give up hope, so while it didn't look good, we still hoped that the last rescued chick rallies so that we can reunite him/her with his/her family. Unfortunately, our hope was not enough and the last chick in care died later in the afternoon.

May 31 - Good news and sad. Unfortunately one of the chicks in care has died. On a more hopeful note, the last of Spencer's and Hart's chicks has hatched and after a false start a couple of hours after hatching, Spencer brought food into the nestbox and fed her youngest chick. She was a bit tentative (she was last year too) but at least she's feeding her chick. A second meal came in a few hours later and then a third a couple of hours after that. If Spencer can continue to feed on this kind of schedule then we can look at returning her two remaining chicks who are still in care. We need to be sure she continues to feed and that the two chicks are strong enough to be returned. Last year we successfully returned the chick we rescued and he and his siblings did very well - we hope we can do the same thing over the next few days.

May 30 - Spencer's and Hart's three chicks are not taking food quite as well as they should at this age. The chicks should be responding when food is presented but they aren't doing that, so the PWRC staff assigned to them are working longer and harder to ensure they are getting the nutrition and hydration they need. Five to seven out of every ten peregrine chicks dies in the first year. It may also help explain why after four years with her previous mate, Spencer didn't have any chicks, they might not have survived their first few days, either due to their inexperience or perhaps there is some underlying concern with the chicks themselves, but we are unlikely to ever know for sure. In the meantime, we will do what we can to support Spencer, Hart and their chicks.

May 29 - Spencer's and Hart's first three chicks hatched. Peregrine chicks get all of their nutrition and hydration from their food so first meals are important for newly-hatched chicks. Food doesn't have to come right away but the longer they go after hatching, the greater the risk they will not survive. Last year Spencer had problems ensuring her youngest two chicks got fed and we managed to rescue one but weren't fast enough to rescue the second. Knowing this we kept a close eye on Spencer when hatching began and had a plan to intervene if necessary. After 12 hours without food, we removed all three chicks and the staff at Prairie Wildlife Rehab began caring for them round-the-clock. Spencer and Hart had one egg they were still incubating and we hope to be able to return the chicks when they are a bit stronger.

Apr 28 - Spencer and Hart have three eggs! We suspect they will add a fourth tomorrow and that hatching to begin about May 30th.

Apr 22 - We have finally managed to identify Hart's ladyfriend, it is Spencer his mate from last year.

Apr 4 - We can't be sure, but we think perhaps Spencer has returned. Hart was seen courting with a female at the Logan nestsite and we know that the Radisson female and the West Winnipeg female were with their mates at their respective nestsites.

Mar 22 - First peregrine back in Manitoba is Hart and he's decided to hang out at the Radisson Hotel where he was hatched. This is not unusual behaviour for Hart, he is often the first bird back and he mostly hangs out at the Radisson until either the Radisson pair returns or his mate returns to the Logan nestsite.

Resident Male - Hart
Hart is a 2012 wild hatched chick from the Radisson Hotel in Winnipeg. His parents are Ivy and Princess and he has three siblings, two brothers (Fleet & McDermot) and one sister (Jubilee). Hart returned to Winnipeg in 2014 and took up with Jolicoeur, the resident female at Logan who's mate did not return from migration. Hart and Joli were together for four years and they raised 16 chicks of their own and fostered a grandchick when she couldn't be safely returned to her nest. At the end of the 2017 nesting season, Joli was found dead near the nestsite, her cause of her death unknown. In 2018, Spencer abandonned her nestsite elsewhere in the province and she and Hart nested together for the first time. They successfully raised two chicks on their own and a third with a little help from the folks at the Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. There were two male chicks (Sirius & Potter) and one female chick (Luna).

Resident Female - Spencer
Spencer is a 2013 wild-hatched chick from the McKenzie Seeds Building in Brandon, Manitoba. Her parents are Brooklyn and Hurricane and she had two siblings a brother (Bogart) and a sister (Kelly). Spencer has had an interesting life. First, she was banded (and named) as a male because she was so small and she was part of a university study looking at how young peregrines migrate which is why she has a satellite transmitter backpack on her. The backpack doesn't hurt her or interfere with her life - she's migrated back and forth from Mexico for years, she is able hunt, defend her nesting territory and her chicks and she is able to reproduce. In 2014, Spencer returned to Manitoba and took up with one of Hart's older brothers. They were together at a nestsite outside of Winnipeg for four years, but unlike Hart and Joli, it looks as though they didn't or weren't able to successfully raise any chicks. In the spring of 2018, Spencer's first mate didn't return and she moved into Winnipeg and took up with Hart at the Logan nestsite. Watching Spencer last year, we could tell that she was a first-time mom and when all four of her eggs hatched realized that she would need some help with the youngest two. So with help from the staff at the Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre we managed to save one of the chicks (Potter) and returned it to its family a couple of weeks later.