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PA / Allentown - 2019 / ? & ?
« on: January 05, 2019, 01:09 »
PPL (Pennsylvania Power & Light) Headquarters
Allentown, Pennsylvania


From PPL Electric Utility's website:

The trio of falcons born this spring in a nesting box outside the 21st floor of our headquarters building in downtown Allentown have learned to fly and hunt and are now out on their own.  In cooperation with the state Game Commission, the young falcons were banded in late May so they can be identified.  We hope the pair of falcons who nested here in 2018 will return next spring. If they do, or if another pair chooses our nesting box, we’ll be ready to bring it to you.

webcam link - - cam not live in the off-season

From WFMZ News last spring:

]Peregrine falcons are back at PPL
ALLENTOWN, Pa. - You could say the birds are back in town.  After a 10 year hiatus peregrine falcons are again atop the PPL Tower in Allentown.  A webcam is live-streaming the peregrine falcons during their stay in downtown Allentown.  The last time PPL hosted falcons, in 2008, a falcon couple had four hatchlings that were banded for potential tracking and study.  Falcons were saved from the brink of extinction in the 1970s, an effort PPL supports.  In addition to working to restore the peregrine falcon population in Pennsylvania, PPL also helps other raptors, including ospreys and bald eagles.  While falcons haven't been on the PPL Building in a decade, they have nested in other parts of Allentown, like at the 8th Street Bridge and the Tilghman Street Bridge.