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News of Spirit this morning from UQROP

You are familiar with Spirit, the famous female peregrine falcon who was seen for many years in Montreal? You know that she was found injured last July and that we are caring for her? She will be released on the morning of Sunday, November 19 at Chouette à voir! at St-Jude around 9:30 a.m. An auction has been opened. The person who has made the highest bid (to cover the cost of her care) will have the chance to return her to freedom. Follow the news on this page in the next few days and you will learn more of her story.

I am very happy that Spirit has made such a good recovery, but also very concerned about what will happen when she returns to Montreal, as I believe she will. Eve is there, and she is big, young and very strong.
Update - Bali catches up

Published 16 November, 2017 | By Cilla Kinross

Bali has revisted the box three times since he has fledged.   And, whilst it is likely that the parents have found and are feeding Marragaay, Bali is getting lots of attention, too.   Since he returned on 14th he has had at least three juvenile starlings (from Xavier), 2 unidentified, (one possibly a large honeyeater), 1 pigeon (Diamond) and he has definitely grown.   Going by my rather crude screen measurements, he is pretty much as tall and wide as Xavier now.  And feisty!   Here is seeing off Xavier after grabbing the prey.  This was yesterday

VIDEO  15_11_2017 Bali sees off Xavier nest

VIDEO  20171115 Bali sees off Xavier ledge

Today it has been raining, but not that hard.   At 1.15 pm Bali left and returned again to the box in a rather inelegant fashion.

Not the best landing, but safe and sound

VIDEO   20171116 crooked landing

I think I mentioned that I did find Marragaay yesterday.   She had worked her way down to near the  main entrance and was sitting on some pipes, not far off the ground.   I did try and catch her, but she is flying weakly, but okay, so she too off.  Unfortunately, she went out of my sight very quickly, so I wasn’t able to gauge the distance travelled, but she wasn’t flying high, so probably not very far.    She seemed fine.    I haven’t seen her since, despite considerable searching, but am expecting her to find her way back to the park opposite the nest box within a day or two.

Hello, Marragaay, how did you get here?

Meanwhile, back at the nest, Bali was being fed by Diamond, however, soon after finishing his meal at 1536 hrs AEDT he suddenly picked up the remains and flew off with them! Diamond seemed to look a bit surprised and just sat on the ledge looking out for a while, but now I see that she is gone and Bali is back, relaxing. :)
Marragaay still hasn’t been spotted since yesterday, but Cilla will have another look around this afternoon. I was pleased to hear she had some help yesterday!

Cilla Kinross says:   
15 November, 2017 at 1:50 pm   

I’ve had young males that have needed assistance, too, so I don’t think one can draw conclusions from such a small data set. However, I’ll have a look at others’ work and see what they say and whether our finding support them.

Perhaps the more important question is: when do they fledge. If a bit before time, then females in particular are likely to struggle because they mature more slowly (you can tell by her fluffiness that she wasn’t really quite ready, I think).

And no, I wasn’t up early; sometimes insomnia gets the better of me. I’m now very dozy!

I’ll go and have another scout around this afternoon. There’s some quite heavy rain forecast.
Thank you, Alison. I’m also surprised to see that Bali made it back to the nest so soon! However, now I’m worried about Marragaay especially if she’s near the ground; Cilla had mentioned ground predators in that area (some time ago).
Cilla Kinross says:   
14 November, 2017 at 4:45 pm   

And we’ve found Marragaay, too. She was down near the water tanks below Dentistry, sitting on water pipe, just off the ground. She took off as I approached (to place her in a tree with a ladder) and flew towards the front entrance.

We (Tiffany and I) had a good look around, but couldn’t see her. She wasn’t flying that strongly, so didn’t go very far. She might have landed in some long grass and be well hidden.

I took a photo with my iphone, so will try and load that tomorrow.

A thunderstorm is brewing, so she might have a wet, hungry night.
Bali, however, is tucking into dinner in the eyrie, all creature comforts cared for! Having said that, the parents knew where she was I think as they were acting agitated when we were near her.

Cilla Kinross says:   
14 November, 2017 at 6:29 pm   

She would have been better off to have waited a couple of days and may have strained her wings a bit in that long first flight, but I’m sure she’ll be okay. Will keep an eye out for her.

Update - Bali goes home

Published 14 November, 2017 | By Cilla Kinross

Well, I didn’t have to look for him for long.  He’s come back to the nest and is sitting there as I type, looking like Lord Muck.    This is not unheard of, but fairly unusual, particular so fast after fledging.   It’s a really long flight uphill for a young bird!

Now we just have to find Marragaay.    The bird spotted in the trees earlier this morning was probably this one as the observer (who is very experienced) said she thought it was probably the male.

Thanks to all those eyes out there helping to spot our youngsters.

Well, we know there’s nothing wrong with his flight
                   abilities – or his hunger!

VIDEO 20171114 Bali comes home

Here’s another great YouTube video by Scott Banks, though I’m not sure why he cut it so short.

Two very bored peregrine eyases
Wow! Marragaay rules in Scott’s "midnight feast" video!
Update - More peregrine highlights, as we farewell the two fledglings for 2017

Published 13 November, 2017 | By Scott Banks

A couple more video (with audio) clips here from the past 2-3 days:

Marragaay’s dinner time, without sibling interruptions (great shot of feathers)

Marragaay’s midnight feast (the new IR illuminator is working so well)

Night time can be lonely when on one’s own

(apologies for mixing up the two descriptions and titles for the two fledgling launch videos previously; all fixed!)

Marragaay and adult Xavier

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