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Logan Peregrines / Re: Logan - 2017 / Hart & Jolicoeur
« Last post by The Peregrine Chick on September 24, 2017, 18:22 »
did JOli migrate already. A bit soon, irhgt. our females stay till first week in Oct.

Joli tends not to stay at the nestsite for very long after the end of the summer.  Doesn't mean she's not around, she just doesn't come back to the nestbox.  Princess is even worse, haven't seen her at the nestbox since the chicks left.  Have seen her other places but not at the box.  Faith on the other hand is usually velcroed to a nestbox at this time of the year - her nestbox at West Winnipeg has been moved into temporary storage because of roof repairs, so can't say she would normally hang out at Logan, but this year, she's hanging out at Logan.  She visited the Radisson nestbox a couple of times in the spring but I suspect Princess is still kicking around or she hasn't been gone as long as Joli and that's why she's not gone near the Hotel.
Logan Peregrines / Re: Logan - 2017 / Hart & Jolicoeur
« Last post by bev. on September 24, 2017, 17:14 »
did JOli migrate already. A bit soon, irhgt. our females stay till first week in Oct.
West Winnipeg Peregrines / Re: West Winnipeg - 2017 / Ty & Faith
« Last post by bev. on September 24, 2017, 17:10 »
Sad news ... Beaumont from Beau's and Beatrix's 2014 nest here at West Winnipeg has been found dead.

Read more about it on the blog - Sept 02 - Bittersweet

Thank you to Bccs for passing along the information from her friend

so sorry ot hear this. it is always hard.

 :'( :'( :'(
U of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta / Re: U of Alberta - 2017 / Chase & Radisson
« Last post by bev. on September 24, 2017, 17:05 »
I am going got come back with some picutres but we still have chase and radisson around. She was at box yesterday.

We were out at Pembina and saw two of our U of A juveniles flying. Nice to see them do well. Steve said they all did.

It has been a rough year for our Radisson an d Chase, but hey have prevailed. 
Radisson Peregrines / Re: Radisson - 2017 / Pip & Princess
« Last post by bev. on September 24, 2017, 17:01 »
glad you saw princess a few days back. I always go every day form now till htey leave. never know who will come back.
Logan Peregrines / Re: Logan - 2017 / Hart & Jolicoeur
« Last post by The Peregrine Chick on September 23, 2017, 17:55 »

Faith and Joli have the same bi-coloured coloured band on the same leg, but their band numbers look very different so mostly it is easy to tell the two part if I can see the band and can't see their breast.  Joli's speckles come up high on her breast like Princess, Faith has a much whiter breast - more like the boys than Joli & Princess.  The other band difference between Faith and Joli is that Faith's silver band looks whiter than Joli's.

Having said all that, even though I think that the male in the box today was Hart (he's the only male in town with a black band on that leg) but the female did not look like Joli.  They, Hart and Faith I believe, were very comfortable together in Joli's nest tray but both of them have been flirting with each other for a couple of years now, so perhaps not so surprising.
I really enjoyed the first egg of 2017 video (with sound!) by Cilla Kinross. :)

Xavier had been watching Diamond most attentively, and as soon as that first egg arrived he had so much to say! Iím still hoping CSU will eventually find a fix so we will also hear those very special sounds on their live cams.

Video of first egg laying can be found in the August 28th update.

Nice capture of the moment with Xavier in attendance ♥

by Cilla Kinross

Thank you, Cilla.
Update by Cilla Kinross, September 22

Up and down

Everything seems to be working at present from my end, although I understand there are still live streaming problems.  Iíve contacted Scott about this.    In the box, all is going smoothly and Iím hoping to have some hatching by 25-28th September, which I can record if all the necessary equipment is functioning smoothly.   Xavier did bring in some (unidentifiable) prey today, which is a good sign.

Many thanks for all the photos and videos.   No need to send more photos at present, but long low resolution videos from between 1300 h on 18th September to noon on 21st would be welcome so I can fill in some gaps.   If there is a website where these are stored, please point me in the right direction.  Donít try and email them.

I just went through the volunteerís work from the time I was in Brisbane and found this photo of Xavier with the eggs that I couldnít resist.  Such a good boy.

Proud father

Thereís going to be a university wide power outage tomorrow morning, so I wouldnít be surprised if the system is down all weekend.   Hopefully it will be up again before H day (possibly Monday).

Have  a lovely weekend.   Cilla


Click on the above link to check for further photos or videos. Videos from Cilla are usually in AVI format, but they download quickly and should play in Windows Media Player (or whatever player you prefer for AVI).

Live streaming problems still continue - on and off and on and off and Ö sure hope they manage to fix the problem before hatching!
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