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Re: U of Alberta - 2015 / Chase & Radisson
« Reply #45 on: October 03, 2015, 13:24 »

Link to post from bev on Sept 3/15:,4147.msg100573.html#msg100573

"We continue to go to Weber as well as U of a but Yellow has stayed at U of a. A juvenile was heard on cam at Weber on august22, but no one has seen him there. Does not mean that he does not visit there but he had remained at U of A.

That RAdisson and Chase accepted him at such a late date is even more amazing. Radisson does not accept anyone after a few days. Gord is stumped also. We know juveniles will wander but he eats here, he sleeps here, and RAdisson has accepted him. It is one for the books. WE were worried for a bit. And so we monitored very closely."

Bev - thanks for sharing this experience you had with Yellow. I found it very interesting - along with all of your detailed posts, photos and videos. :)

You have so many wonderful memories to cherish. ♥