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Minnesota - Moorhead - 2018 / Walsh & Miracle
« on: September 27, 2018, 13:58 »
2017 chicks

Stella was banded black/red C/83
Fiona was banded black/red C/84

Fiona, C/84, was photographed on 11/4/17 about eight miles east of Cameron, Louisiana. She was photographed again on 1/20/18 about twenty miles northeast of Cameron, Louisiana. On 1/20/18 she was no longer wearing her USFWS silver band.


As far as I know, Miracle and Walsh are still the resident pair. This year, they raised one chick.

From the Midwest Peregrine Society:

On a photography page for Minnesota birders, member Matt Sorum posted a great image of a HY bird. From the photos, we were able to identify the bird as b/r K/98. He was a male peregrine banded at the Moorhead Malt Plant on 6/26/, about 24 days old at banding and the Moorhead folks named him Wingo Starr.

There are some beautiful photos of Wingo Starr with this update. The photos are copyright, but this is the (long) link:

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