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Ohio / Canton - 2017 / ? & ?
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Canton Club Event Centre
Canton, Ohio

Some incredible aerial shots from the Canton Ohio Peregrine Facebook posts can be found HERE and HERE
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AZ / Phoenix - 2020 / ? & ?
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Maricopa County Administration Building
Phoenix. Arizona

Link for webcam Arizona Game & Fish Peregrine Cam

Peregrine falcons have been nesting in the downtown Phoenix area for more than a decade.  Early on, the birds selected the Maricopa County Administration Building as a nest site.  An agreement with the county now allows the Arizona Game and Fish Department to monitor the birds' nesting progress.  The Arizona Game and Fish Department constructed a nest box equipped with a live feed video camera and tried to entice the falcons to use the nest box, but efforts failed. Two different designs, both built by Mesa woodworker Glenn Bollinger, remained unused by the birds.  The female instead chose to nest in a gutter adjacent to the box where she was seldom successful.  Over a seven year period, only two chicks survived to the age of fledging.

In 2014, the female peregrine disappeared and was replaced that nesting season by another that did use the nest box.  Two eggs were laid but failed to hatch.  Early in 2016, preparations began to upgrade the video feed that no longer worked due to technological advancements.

The birds used the nest box again in 2015, laying three eggs in late March.  All three eggs hatched. However, only two of the young fledged.  The third left the nest box and, despite the best efforts of the department, could not be located and presumably died.

In early 2016, the nest box was renovated and state-of-the-art streaming video and audio equipment was installed in anticipation of the falcons using the nest box again this season.  Since the renovation, the peregrines have been spending more time at the nest box, indicating they intend to nest there again this year.  Peregrine falcons usually return to the same nest for many years.

These scaps are from this morning.  :)

Bonding video 


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MN / Lake City - 2020 / ? & ?
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Unfortunately, there has not been a cam at this site for some years now. I always used to enjoy this site, especially during the years when Lolo and Gretch were the resident pair.

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Re: US Nestsites & Cam Links
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Will be checking/updating all the links here as the season begins ...