How You Can Help


Volunteering with the Peregrine Falcon Recovery Project is both like, and not like, volunteering anywhere else. What the Project and the peregrines need most is our volunteers' time and commitment, particularly when the chicks begin to fly as they are extremely vulnerable in urban environments. When and where and for how long volunteers will be needed to "fledge watch" depends on when and where the peregrines nest, and that is not something we can begin to predict until after the chicks hatch. If a young peregrine should run into trouble, Fledgewathers are usually the first to track them down. Fledgewatching isn't hard and spending time with other Fledgewatchers is a wonderful experience though the days can be long sometimes.

Sometimes other volunteer opportunities arise, but not often. And because the safety and security of both the peregrines and our volunteers is paramount, rarely do any of our opportunites involve direct contact with either the adult peregrines or their chicks.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the Project Coordinator

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