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The Peregrine Falcon Recovery Project (Manitoba) works to re-establish a self-sustaining population of wild peregrines falcons in the province. To do this the Project relies almost entirely on donations from private individuals. We receive generous in-kind support from the provincial government but not financial support. Unfortunately the government has limited funding for species-at-risk efforts and of the 61 species-at-risk in Manitoba (as of 2012) only a few have projects like ours that are able to accept donations and issue official tax receipts.

Online Donations

One-time Donation
You can donate any amount you wish, any time you wish, as many times as you wish. All donations are gratefully accepted and are used to fund the Project's efforts to support the peregrines' recovery in Manitoba.

To save administration costs, an official tax receipt will automatically be provided for all donations of $25.00 or more. However, receipts for donations under $25.00 will happily be provided upon request.

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Gift Donation
Have a special person or event you would like to honour or memorialize? Consider a gift donation. We will send you the tax receipt and send a note and a photo of one of our peregrines to a third-party to acknowledge your very special gift.

When you complete the PayPal payment page, include the person's/event's name in the "comment" box. We will contact you via email for the third party contact information.

you choose the amount
you want to donate

Annual Donation, Monthly Payments
If you would prefer to make donation payments monthly, you can use the PayPal service and have a set amount withdrawn from your credit card on a regular basis. Monthly payments are a great way support the Project and your subscription is easily renewed each year. A tax receipt is provided in January for the total amount donated the previous year.

There are 5 monthly donation amounts to choose from:

(total = $60/year)

(total = $120/year)

(total = $180/year)

(total = $240/year)

(total = $300/year)

All Charities Campaign
If you are a Manitoba Government employee you can support the Project by making a monthly donation via your paycheque. For more information or to see if your agency is a member, check out the All Charities Campaign website. The Project is catalogue # P086.

If you aren't a Manitoba Government Employee, talk to your company's HR Department, some companies have corporate philanthropic programs
that match donations made by their employees. If your company has one of these programs and you would like to donate this way, please contact the Project for any supporting documentation needed for you application.

Mail-in Donations

Complete the donation form and mail to the address on the form with your donation.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH IN THE MAIL - We are not responsible for cash lost in the mail.

Mail-in Donation Form

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The Project uses PayPal to process it's online purchases and donations. It's fast, free and easy to use.
If paying online, your payment will show as PAYPAL*MBPeregrine on your statement.

If you have any questions, please email us at: donate [at]