How You Can Help


The Peregrine Falcon Recovery Project (Manitoba) works to re-establish a self-sustaining population of wild peregrines falcons in the province. To do this the Project relies almost entirely on donations from private individuals. We receive generous in-kind support from the provincial government but not financial support. There is limited government funding available and of the 61 species-at-risk in Manitoba (as of 2012) only a few have projects (like ours) able to a) help with recovery efforts and b) accept donations.


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The proceeds from sales from our online store helps to ensure that the Project is able to provide merchandise for its supporters but in trying to keep the costs of these items as reasonable as possible, the funds received really just let us purchase more merchandise to offer the following year. Unlike retail outlets we don't price items to make a profit, rather we price them to cover the cost of the item, shipping and and any payment/purchase fees.

Giving Campaign Partnerships

While the Project gladly accepts donations directly through our website, some donors prefer to take advantage of giving campaigns offered through their employer or their favourite social media platform like Facebook. Sometimes their donation isn't cash at all. For that reason we also partner with funding campaigns through Canada Helps and the PayPal Giving Fund, employer-partnered partners such as Benevity and here in Manitoba the All Charities Campaign available for Manitoba Government employees and affiliates. And if you have an old (or not so old car) you want to dispose of, we also partner with Donate-a-Car - you donate your car to them and they pass along the resale or recycling proceeds to us. If any of these options sound intriguing, we encourage you to check them out below!


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What are Donations Used for?

Each year the Project budgets for the expenses it knows about, like nestbox maintenance and we try to spread out more costly expenses such as replacing or installing new nestboxes so that we don't over-extend ourselves. We also try to plan for the unexpected, like a new nestbox at a new location for a new pair on short notice or the purchase of quail to feed young peregrines we have had to relocate or take into "care" for rehabilitation. Because our needs can change dramatically from one year to the next or even from one week to the next during the nesting season, all donations go into a general fund.

Tax Reciepts

In 2015 we started sending out tax receipts electronically to keep costs down and improve turnaround time.
However, if you would like your tax receipt mailed instead, please check box on the mail-in donation form or if donating online, please use the comment box. If you need more information about making a donation, please contact us.