2024 Rogers TV Falcon Cam

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This year's pair are first-time parents, so they are learning on-the-job.
  • Mom is Hazel who hatched in Grand Forks in 2022. Her father was Marv but we don't know who her mom was as she was unbanded. Her grandparents however are Annie from West Winnipeg and Miracle the long-time resident female in Fargo who hatched at Sherco in Minnesota Annie's parents were Jules and Beau.
  • Dad is Pandemic, another North Dakota bird. He hatched in Fargo in 2020, which is where he got his name.
    His parents are Annie and Fleming, both from West Winnipeg but from different years and from different parents. His grand-parents are Jules & Beau through Annie and Ty and Faith through Fleming.

  • June 21 - And Hazel and Pandemic are parents early!! 31 days on the button - usually we add 2 or 3 days at this point, sometimes even 4 days when its new parents but no, these two first-timers got the incubation process down to a science right from the start. With luck, they will keep on being quick learners! What little I have seen of chick 1 it seems to be hale & hearty!

    May 23 - Looks like we will only have two eggs this year at the Radisson. Not really surprising, Hazel had to expend a lot of energy stealing the nestsite from Ella and Pip and then defending it for the next week as Ella & Pip tried to get back to their eggs. Can't take over a territory and have a full nest of eggs at this time point in the nesting season! But two eggs might not be a bad thing for these first time parents - lots of things to protect their eggs/chicks from over the next couple of months.

    May 20 - Hazel & Pandemic are right on time with their 2nd egg. Both are a bit messy (it happens) and Hazel and Pandemic are getting used to the idea of having these ovoids in their nestbox.

    May 18 - Hazel & Pandemic have finally laid their first egg! Their next egg, if there is one, should arrive in 2 days and then a third usually 2 days after that and if there is fourth a day after that. Incubation begins after the penultimate (second to last) egg has been laid. And we won't count our eggs until they are laid!

    May 17 - Happy Endangered Species Day - Hazel and Pandemic are still in the "thinking about laying eggs" stage, hopefully it won't be much longer until we have our first egg of our second nest at the Radisson Hotel. Once we are sure if and where they will be nesting, we will finish our preparations for the FalconCam (there are always new technical details to work out each year!) and then we will be able to share Hazel's & Pandemic's first attempt at parenthood!