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The Peregrine Falcon Recovery Project (Manitoba) is dependent upon financial support from the public to continue its recovery efforts to re-establish a self-sustaining population of wild peregrines falcons in the province.

Special Edition Merchandise

As a thank you to our 2008 Supporters, the Project arranged for a limited printing of a special edition teeshirt in memory of loss of the Radisson chicks in June 2008. The idea of a special edition teeshirt for each year was so popular that are continuing the tradition. Because the shirts are only available as a pre-order, we thought we would keep an archive of our past designs for those who are interested.

If you are interested in special edition merchandise for the current year, please check out the Project's Online Store

2015 Special Edition Teeshirt

2015 was the Project's thirty-fifth anniversary and we decided to celebrate with a special edition teeshirt. Because we are also offering our 2014 design again, we decided to come up with an anniversary design that was a bit different, much like we did for our 25th anniversary. The 2015 design is a black ink silhouette of a peregrine falcon profile composed of the names of the almost 300 peregrines that have hatched or nested in Manitoba since the Project began in 1981. The names of each bird varies in size depending on whether they returned to nest in the province and for how many years. On the reverse of the shirt is the "tag" that lists this year's nesting adults and their offspring along with the year the Project began (1981) and the current year (2015).

The last couple of years we have offered both long-sleeve and short-sleeve shirts with the design and this year we added cotton totebags and keepsake stamp sheets.

2015 shirt mockup

2015 shirt design mock-up | shirt design | tag design

2015 shirt tag design

2014 Special Edition Teeshirt

One thing that all our sites had in common was resident females that shone - Princess as our matriarch, our stead-fast Hurricane, Paris our lady of mystery and Beatrix our rookie who made it look easy. Joli in the Logan territory was our star however raising four chicks while training her barely one year old mate Hart. He was eager to learn but she still had to do the majority of the heavy lifting this year. So this year's design is of Joli with a quotation from Ralph Waldo Emerson - "When nature has work to be done, she creates a genius to do it". On the reverse, as is our tradition, is the "tag" lists this year's peregrines, both adults and young along with the year and the Project logo. >

The last couple of years we have offered both long-sleeve and short-sleeve shirts with the design and this year we added cotton totebags and keepsake stamp sheets.

2014 shirt mockup

2014 shirt design mock-up | shirt design | tag design

2014 shirt tag design

2013 Special Edition Teeshirt

2013 was a very busy year with seven pairs of peregrines in the province and 11 chicks that fledged successfully. This year we decided to celebrate this abundance of peregrines with a colour photo of our newest resident male, Cowboy, on the wing defending his territory. Along with the photo is the text "twenty thirteen" for the year and "seven eleven" for the seven pairs and eleven chicks and the Project's logo.

The last couple of years we have offered both long-sleeve and short-sleeve shirts with the design and this year we added cotton totebags and keepsake stamp sheets.

2013 shirt mockup

2013 shirt design

2013 shirt tag design mock-up | shirt design | tag design

2012 Special Edition Teeshirt

In 2012 we had four nesting pairs, two non-nesting pairs and thirteen chicks - a wonderful year despite the loss of three chicks due to natural causes. A wonderful but very busy year for the Project staff and for all our volunteers but the weather cooperated, the winds didn't blow too hard which made it much easier for all the peregrines, adults and chicks alike.

All our birds this year were urban birds, so in celebration of our urban peregrines, this year's special edition shirt design is a black-and-white photo of one of our 2012 juveniles with "Young Urban Peregrine - Nature's YUPPIE" under the image. On the reverse side is the Project's logo, the name of all of this year's adults and chicks and the year. This year's shirt was offered as a short-sleeved or long-sleeved shirt, in ultra-cotton or organic cotton and in four colours - natural, sand, ice-grey and white.

2012 shirt mockup

2012 shirt design mock-up | shirt design | tag design

2012 shirt tag design

2011 Special Edition Teeshirt

2011 was a record year for nesting pairs in Manitoba but also a record year for chick mortality. We lost more chicks this year than we have in any other year of the Project's 30 year history. None of our nesting pairs were immune from losing a chick. Even our Radisson pair with its very experienced parents had to work hard to keep their chicks out of the rain and heat. The females spent so much time covering their chicks from the weather that one of our Forum members described them as a "mumbrellas".

So in honour of the adult females - Princess, Hurricane, Jules, Alice and Kate - who devoted themselves so selflessly to protecting their chicks this year, the 2011 special edition teeshirt design is a black-and-white photo of Princess with "the Year of the Mumbrella" in an arch over her head.

2011 shirt mockup

2012 shirt design mock-up | shirt design | tag design

2012 shirt tag design

30th Anniversary Special Edition Teeshirt

In 1981 the first four captive-bred chicks were released as part of the reintroduction program in Manitoba. In the last 30 years, more than 200 chicks, captive-bred and wild- hatched have been released by the Project in Manitoba. These chicks have grown and return to nest successfully across the Canadian Prairies and in a number of states in the US Midwest.

Our 30th anniversary special edition teeshirt front design is a spiral of chicks names from the Project with a peregrine egg in the centre. Not all of our peregrines have names but those who do and who were either released or hatched in Manitoba, are paired with birds here in Manitoba, or are the offspring of Manitoba produced peregrines are included in the spiral. And on the back of the shirt, is the Project's and the dates of our Project: 1981-2010

30th anniversary shirt mockup

30th anniversary shirt design

30th anniversary shirt tag design mock-up | shirt design | tag design

2010 Special Edition Teeshirt

2010 had a number of very happy moments, one was that we had three successful nests for the first time since 1997 and another was that all three nesting pairs chose this year to nest in nestboxes provided for them by the Project. The advantage of using a nestbox is that they all provide protection from snow/rain/wind, provide gravel which helps the adults to incubate eggs/brood their chicks more securely, and the boxes help to keep chicks from getting hurt or fledging earlier than they should.

For those reasons, this year's special edition teeshirt front design is a stylized box with peregrine eggs in the middle. Around the box-edge there are words: "west" for each of our nestboxes - the nestbox on the Radisson is on the west side of the Hotel in downtown Winnipeg, the second Winnipeg nest is in west Winnipeg and our third nest is in western Manitoba on the McKenzie Seeds Building in Brandon. We have added "nest" at the bottom because all three of our nests successfully raised chicks to fledging this year. On the back of the shirt, we have added the Project logo and all the names of the 2010 nesting adults and their young this year: Ivy, Princess, Loki, Thor, Isis-Kali & Aura at the Radisson; Brooklyn, Hurricane, Mac & Kenzie in Brandon; and Beau, Jules, Annie, Aggie & Nero in West Winnipeg.

2010 shirt mockup

2010 shirt design mock-up | shirt design | tag design

2010 shirt tag design

2009 Special Edition Teeshirt

Due to the popularity of our 2009 special edition teeshirt, we decided to continue the tradition.

While watching the CBC Manitoba/Shaw FalconCam, some of our viewers have created words to more accurately describe the little details of everyday life that they are viewing. In 2009, the Phanatics (our long-time Falcon Cam Fans) began to compile their "new" words into The Phanatic's Dictionary.

On the front of this year's special edition teeshirt has a line drawing of a peregrine chick at about 35 days of age and one of the most popular of the Dictionary's entries: Waddlestompfaceplantwalk.On the back of the shirt, as we did with the 2008 special edition teeshirt, is the Project's logo just below the collar with the names of the 2009 resident pairs and their chicks: Trey, Princess, Ty, Tupper & Vesper at the Radisson; Zeus, Hurricane, Luck, Fate, Karma & Kismet in Brandon; Ivy & Jules in West Winnipeg; and Brooklyn and his unidentified lady friend in western Manitoba.

2009 shirt mockup

2009 shirt design mock-up | shirt design | tag design

2009 shirt tag design

2008 Special Edition Teeshirt

The 2008 special edition teeshirt was our first special edition teeshirt and was originally produced as a thank you to all our 2008 Supporters.

On Friday, June 6th, 2008, the three nine-day-old chicks at the Radisson Hotel died due to exposure to rain during a torrential rainstorm. The Project in conjunction with the Winnipeg Fire and Paramedic Service and the Radisson Hotel attempted to rescue of the chicks from the 13th floor nestledge on the eastside of the Hotel. Unfortunately, we were too late.

On the front of the shirt there was a photo by Dennis Swayze of Trey at the Radisson and the phrase "But tomorrow I will watch Trey fly ..." which was from a post on the Manitoba Falcon Cam Forum on June 6th. On the back, just below the collar is the Project Logo and the names of the 2008 resident pairs and their chicks: Trey, Princess & The Lost Chicks on the left, Zeus, Holly, Chaos, Gigi and Max on the right.

2008 shirt mockup

2008 shirt design mock-up | shirt design | tag design

2008 shirt tag design