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The Peregrine Chick Blog

In the 1990s, prior to email, websites and blogs, the Project began to share the Manitoba Peregrines' stories through an annual, then semi-annual, paper newsletter entitled Peregrinations. As our mailing list became an email list, Peregrinations became an email newsletter sent out quarterly, then in 2002, Peregrinations became the official blog of the Project.

It wasn't until 2006, with the launch of the CBC/Shaw Falcon Cam, that having a blog became an feature of our public communications activities. The new Peregrine Chick Blog was originally part of the CBC/Shaw Falcon Cam website but it was exceeding time-consuming and too labour-intensive for both CBC and the Project to maintain as it was. In 2007, the Blog moved back to the Project's website and the Manitoba Falcon Cam Forum was launched in support of the Blog and the Webcam.

The Peregrine Chick Blog now operates as the official narrative of the Project providing regular updates on the peregrines and our activities. In the past we accepted comments on the Blog but it became too difficult to manage inappropriate comments so we now rely on the Manitoba Falcon Cam Forum to answer questions and allow viewers and fans of the falcons to post their comments in real-time.

Where did we get the name ?

During the course of our Project Coordinator's years with the Project, she has been referred to as the Peregrine Lady and the Bird Lady. For our blog we wanted something that reflected both the author and the subject matter, particularly the chicks whose lives we were profiling. And thus was the Peregrine Chick Blog hatched (so to speak). And, no, our Coordinator doesn't mind being called a "chick", she's the one who came up with the name!