Recovery Efforts

Peregrine Family Trees

The Peregrine Falcon Recovery Project (Manitoba) began in 1981 with the release of four captive-bred chicks from a hackbox located in west Winnipeg. Since then we have released 104 captive-bred chicks and 139 wild-hatched chicks between 1981 and 2012 from sites in southern Manitoba.

The following family trees will be updated as and when we get information about our birds, both those returning to Manitoba and those that resident outside the province. Eventually, we will have two types of trees available for view here, one based on nest locations, the other by resident pairs.

For details on any information here, please contact the Project Coordinator

Family Trees:
Coming (eventually):
  • Radisson Hotel, Winnipeg
  • McKenzie Seeds, Brandon
  • Manitoba Peregrines
  • Pop & Maud (Radisson)
  • Mufasa & Phoebe (Brandon)
  • Zeus & Holly (Brandon)
  • Trey & Princess (Radisson)
  • Zeus & Hurricane (Brandon)
  • Beau & Jules (West Winnipeg)
  • Ivy & Princess (Radisson)
  • Brooklyn & Hurricane (Brandon)