Recovery Efforts

Photo Galleries

Peregrines are notoriously difficult to photograph in part because they nest so high and fly so fast. But that doesn't stop us from trying to photograph the peregrines. We in fact have two photo galleries, one is the Project's which includes photos taken and image captures from the webcam. The other gallery is that of a local photographer, Dennis Swayze, who is also the Project's official photographer. We also gratefully accept images from our viewers though we reserve the right to choose which images we post. Photographers are always credited for their photos.

Video Gallery

After the first couple of years with the webcams, our Cam Coordinator, Eye-Spy, added video recorders to all our cams so that we could more effectively monitor all our nests at all hours of the day. These recorders also allow us to download video clips to share with all the peregrines' fans via our YouTube Channel.