Recovery Efforts

Manitoba Falcon Cam Forum

When we first launched the Falcon Cams we knew that we needed a way to be able to communicate with our webcam viewers. In the beginning, questions/comments were posted to the Peregrine Chick Blog but because we couldn't respond in "real-time", the system turned out to be too labour-intensive and time-consuming. After looking at a number of different software solutions, we chose to set up an online forum. The Manitoba Falcon Cam Forum was launched in 2008 and it allows fans of the peregrine falcons to keep up to date and share information about the peregrines live.

Using the Forum

The purpose of the Forum was to provide a place online where people could learn more about the peregrines and the kinds of recovery efforts being undertaken to protect them. Unfortunately, not everyone who visited the Forum felt the same way. Most were spammers trying to access the Forum to post links to unacceptable websites. As a result, anyone wanting to post a question or comment on the Forum must register first. But registering is fast and easy.

Forum Rules

As mentionned earlier, the Forum is primarily an educational tool for the Project, it was set up to support the CBC Manitoba Falcon Cam. This means that we often have school-age children visiting the Forum so we work hard to keep the topics kid-friendly. We only require our posters to be polite, respectful, appropriate given our audience, and to stay on topic, the Forum is not a social chat site.

If you are interested in the joining the Forum, or would like more information, please contact us at: forum [at] .