Recovery Efforts

2021 Falcon Cam

While the Covid-19 Pandemic looks to linger through another year, we have already begun working on our cameras in preparation for the birds' return. We have no way of knowing who will return or where they will return to or even where they will decide to nest, we are keeping our fingers crossed that they will chose a location where we have a camera. In the meantime, we will continue our work just in case the 2021 peregrines decide to get creative about where they nest this year.

2020 - the peregrines were the only Manitobans not interested in the Covid-19 pandemic. The Shaw Spotlight FalconCam returned to the Radisson this year to follow Ella and Pip and their two male chicks, Lucius and Pericles.

2019 - usually the Shaw Spotlight FalconCam follows the day-to-day lives of the peregrine falcons in the nestbox on the roof of the Radisson Hotel in downtown Winnipeg. Unfortunately this year, the new resident female (Fiona) decided that a ledge on the east-side ofthe Hotel was more appealing. We do have a camera in place but the ledge is very exposed and the wind (any wind) shakes the camera making it difficult to watch. Fortunately, we had just installed a new camera at the Logan nestsite (also in Winnipeg) and were able to watch Spencer, Hart and their female chick Sadie.

2018 - our Shaw TV FalconCam was back up and operating this year at the Radisson Hotel but Princess didn't nest. We kept the cameras through the nesting season so that folks could watch Pip and Princess but it was disappointing not to be able to watch any chicks. We did have other peregrines in town, but they too had a bad year and our switch to YouTubeLive meant we couldn't easily shift between locations.

2017 - Shaw TV is our new FalconCam partner with an added bonus this year - the webcam can also be viewed on Shaw TV Channel 9 between 0630-0730h Mondays through Saturdays and from 0630-0930h on Sundays. When the chicks hatch, the webcam's timeslot on Channel 9 will be expanded. With all the technical details worked out, we were thrilled when Princess returned and then when she and her new mate, Pip, chose to nest in the west-side nestbox so that we can once again offer an intimate view of the day-to-day lives of the peregrines nesting on the Radisson Hotel in downtown Winnipeg.

2016 - was the last year that we partnered with CBC Manitoba on the FalconCam. The Radisson pair returned on the same day in May and laid four eggs in the west-side nestbox which meant folks had no problem watching the chicks up-close this year.

2015 - only one cam this year - the Radisson cam for a tenth year courtesy of CBC Manitoba and Shaw Communications. Unfortunately the Radisson pair had chosen to nest on the east-side nestledge and the eggs were lost as a result of a bad storm on the Victoria Day Weekend about a week before the eggs were due to hatch. The cam ran for awhile longer so folks could enjoy watching Princess and Smiley who remained at the nestsite through the remainder of the summer. We were unable to resurrect the internet connection at McKenzie Seeds in Brandon.

2014 - the Radisson cam was back up and running for a ninth consecutive year which was advantageous as we had a new resident male and it is always useful to be able to see how the new partnership is working! Unfortunately our Brandon partner, Westman Communications, decided at the last minute not to particpate this year so we were unable to watch Hurricane and Brooklyn at McKenzie Seeds in downtown Brandon.

2013 - both the Radisson and Brandon cams were up and running in time to watch our resident birds incubating their eggs for a few days before hatch courtesy of CBC Manitoba, Shaw and Westman Communications.

2012 - a new nestbox and a microphone was added to the Brandon Falcon Cam and both the Falcon Cams ran from May to July enabling thousand of webcam viewers worldwide to watch this year's peregrine families from hatching to fledging.

2011 - this year our partner CBC Manitoba hosted two Falcon Cams - one in Winnipeg and the other in Brandon. Viewers watched Princess' and Ivy's family at the Radisson Hotel from new camera angles and listened to them with the addition of a microphone in the nestbox. Our second camera was at the McKenzie Seeds Building in Brandon where Hurricane and Brooklyn thanks to our new partners Resland Development and Westman Communications.

2010 - we had three pairs of peregrines nesting in Manitoba this year - a great way to celebrate our 30th anniversary! As a bonus all three pairs nested in nestboxes! Extra camera angles were added at the nestbox on the west-side of the Radisson Hotel which meant webcam viewers were able to watch the peregrines in the nestbox, on the ledge and as they fledged.

2009 - all the Radisson chicks survived (with flying colours!) and the Falcon Cam's popularity soared worldwide. The webcam exceeded 1 million visitors per month from the time the chicks hatched in May through until they fledged in July.

2008 - the Falcon Cam season was cut short when the three chicks at the Radisson Hotel died due to exposure during a heavy rain event on June 6th.

2007 - an upgrade of equipment at the Radisson Hotel and the CBC Manitoba/Shaw Falcon Cam became the only live-streaming peregrine cam on the internet and thousands of visitors followed the lives of the four chicks from hatching to first flights.

2006 - CBC Manitoba and Shaw partnered with the Peregrine Falcon Recovery Project to provide Manitobans (and the rest of the world) with an intimate look at peregrines nesting on the Radisson Hotel. The camera remained live from incubation through fledging.

1998 - the Winnipeg Free Press hosts our first peregrine webcam at the Radisson Hotel (then still the Delta Winnipeg Hotel) for three weeks. This was one of the first webcams in the world to "watch" nesting peregrine falcons.